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Now you can get counseling or coaching wherever you are and whenever is convenient to you!  No need to spend time commuting or waiting for an expert in your area.

Maybe you live in a remote area or you just don't know any really good therapists or coaches in your town. Or maybe you prefer to select a therapist or personal coach that would be the best for you regardless of your physical location.

Using the latest technology we can now have a fully interactive live counselling session using online video communication. We will work on resolving relationship and/or individual issues from the comfort of your home. We can even have couple or family sessions together over a group video conference call.

Some people find it more convenient to have their therapy, counseling or coaching sessions conducted over an online video communication service like Skype. In this case the client doesn't have to travel to the counselor office and it is usualy much easier to schedule a time that would work for both the counselor and the client.

The benefits of phone or online video counseling:

  • Confidential and private so you can share openly and safely
  • Convenient, saves time and money - no commute, no waiting
  • Available wherever you live
  • Easy to fit into your busy schedule - at home or at work
  • Ideal if you are unable to leave home
  • Flexible hours

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,

anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

- Carl Band

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